If you run a business website, then you should be no stranger to SEO Orange County. The key to ranking with search engines like Google is to have a good sense of how their analytics works. While it is impossible to know their entire criteria for ranking sites, there is plenty that we can surmise through intuition. In this article, we’ll discuss what you can do that should help your site rank consistently.


Valuable Content Is Your Secret Weapon

Some people have concluded that an abundance of content on their websites is the key to ranking highly. While it is true that part of cracking the Google algorithm code is to consistently have fresh content, if that content is not of value to web searchers, it’s not going to help you. You need valuable content that is not only going to lead potential customers to your site, and to your sales funnel, but is also going to make them stay there for extended periods of time, and interact with the site proactively.


But What Is Valuable Content?

Content that is most valuable to a site user can do one of several things, or more than one of them at once. People search for topics on the internet to be informed, so that’s one way your articles, blog posts, or other content can be valuable. If someone searches for “how to repair the flashing around my chimney,” and you have an article about that, they may be drawn to your website, especially if you’ve also incorporated keywords in the appropriate spots.

Valuable content could also entertain, or instill some other emotion in the site user. If you have a heart-wrenching story, or a hilarious one, either one of those is likely to be engrossing to the person reading it. If they’re doing so, they’re spending more time on your site, so in a sense, those stories are valuable.

Your content could also show people something that they haven’t seen before. New and different information is valuable. Blogs or articles that introduce new ideas (or useful products or services) are valuable. You’re looking to stimulate the reader, the site user. Putting a concept in their mind that they hadn’t encountered before is likely to make them interact with your site.

If your content is doing all of these things, is engrossing, and isn’t dry or tedious, then you have an excellent chance of being ranked highly by Google, and of having more people stop by to see what you have to offer. The process is reciprocal. By having valuable content and ranking highly on Google, more people see your site as a top hit, and they go there. By more people going there, Google will continue to rank you highly. Around it goes, and your business benefits from it.