Let’s say you’re in charge of SEO for the company website. You know about things like spiders, indexing, and backlinks. When you talk to your coworkers about them, though, they’re not as knowledgeable about the jargon, or they aren’t eager to discuss the latest techniques for making your website trend. That’s okay. If SEO isn’t their primary concern, then there’s no reason they need to understand this sort of stuff. Maybe you’re trying to talk to the decision-makers in your company, though, and they’re likewise not interested in what you’re saying, or they’re downplaying its importance. That’s a problem. Those who are in charge of a company need to know at least a little about SEO Orange County. Here are some ways you might lay out to your bosses why they should boost the SEO budget.


Bring Them Hard Data


Pragmatic people understand concrete data, and there’s nothing wrong with that. That’s why, if you’re talking to your bosses about SEO when they know next to nothing about it, you should be able to show them what it is that you mean when you say it’s important. Have documentation with you to prove what a successful optimization campaign has done for your company, or one similar to yours. Highlight the metrics that would be most interesting and beneficial. Be straightforward with your explanation, and make sure not to use words that they might not understand.


Make Yourself An Expert


You might be a whiz at SEO, but for someone who doesn’t think it’s that important, that’s not so impressive. Before making your presentation, spend time establishing yourself as essential in your department. Write articles on behalf of your company. Provide industry resources to your clients, and answer their questions while documenting yourself doing so. Your objective is to tie SEO to the company’s bottom line. Keep track of conversion data coming from organic search traffic and explain what that means for revenue. Report on how your company is doing versus your closest competitors by highlighting keywords and showing their search volume.


Your CEO or whomever it is that you’re presenting to is probably not in their position by accident. They might be great at decision-making, and they likely have a long list of responsibilities. It doesn’t mean they’re stupid if they don’t know about long tail keywords or Google algorithms; most likely they have other things on their mind. Don’t get frustrated if they don’t understand some of the same things about SEO that you take for granted. Remember to explain everything in a way that they are likely to follow, bring concrete evidence to support what you’re saying, and show why they need to take SEO and ranking seriously. Hopefully, they’ll see the importance of what it is you’re doing, and you’ll get the resources you need to continue doing it.