Links: Relevance Versus Authority


Links: Relevance Versus Authority

Business owners who want to pursue online growth can’t pass up organic marketing as a channel. Based on a study conducted by BrightEge, organic SEO Orange County directs the majority of online traffic while links drive rankings in organic search. So, if a search is paramount to your online business then so are links. Links are success indicators of a successful online marketing campaign.

But not every link had the same value nor are they created equal. Which is important then, relevance or authority? Link builders always consider these two metrics as these are part of the overall evaluation of a specific link. In an online world, authoritative and highly relevant links are what we usually seek and secure for our sites. The answer to the question whether to choose between relevance and authority is quite difficult. Beginner link builders find it very challenging to pick which of the two metrics to consider as they begin the challenging process of securing links.

As a business owner what would you choose? Would you rather have a high-authority link with low relevance or a highly relevant link with low authority? Here are some of the hypothetical and valuable insights shared by the link builder experts.

Relevance vs. Authority

  1. Highly relevant links improve SEO rankings.
  2. Highly relevant link receives a greater amount of traffic compared to a page with high authority link.
  3. More relevant links increase the chances of opening doors to targeted audiences to browse your site.
  4. A site that has more relevance can help the business grow and increase its conversion.
  5. Relevant links have a greater impact on the algorithm.
  6. Higher relevance link is a better customer experience.
  7. The relevance of the link won’t change, but low authority of a site can always increase over time.
  8. High authority sites don’t allow anchor text while relevant sites implement it.
  9. No relevance sites may be discounted even with links from high-authority sites.
  10. Google can ignore low relevance links.

In terms of traffic, links are more valuable, but if your goal is with social shares, then you need to go with quality.

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