The fast-paced evolution of technology and the internet have changed the way how online customers want from a website. The expectations of online shoppers have changed dramatically over this past few years. No one knew what online searchers wanted or what to expect when the internet is just starting. However, being online for a long time now makes customers smarter, and they know exactly what they want from a website.


Because of this, search engines have been optimized to interpret and display information around the users’ search experience. The evolving online environment has shaped how online customers interact with content.


How do Online Interactions Happen?

SEO is about making your site better for customers. It is mainly focused on technical and creative elements of a website and usually looks to increase awareness in search engines, improve rankings and drive traffic to your business site.


UX is mainly focused on website’s usability and accessibility, and engaging customers once they reach your site. SEO and UX need to work hand in hand and focus on the intent of online users to maximize conversions and drive more sales. Both should focus on delivering great customer experience to drive more qualified leads.


With the help of SEO and User Experience, online interactions are more diverse than ever between your brand and your customers. Online searchers use keywords to look for products or services. Search engines identify patterns in how and what people search online. On the other hand, UX designers identify what data potential website visitors are looking, for them to make adjustments to your website. Great User Experience design is important to the customer’s personal experience on a website. An optimized website and smooth experience entice users to engage more with the site.


That’s why it’s critical for businesses to combine Orange County SEO strategies and user experience (UX). Combining these two will help you maintain a competitive edge and ensure more online conversions. Giving emphasis on only one of these will result in an unsatisfactory experience for your online customers and less revenue. The goal is to make SEO and UX work together to drive more conversions for your business.