For all of the business owners in Irvine, CA, this is a quiz about the SEO for your company’s website. If you know something about search engine optimization, then you know how important it is for getting you visitors, who could potentially turn into sales. Let’s see how you answer the following questions.

Do You State the Benefits of Your Services and Products?

Your product pages should feature vivid descriptions of whatever it is that you offer, and there should be professional-quality photos of the products as well. However, do you make a point of mentioning the benefits of buying that product? Does your copy talk about what it will mean for the consumer, and how their life will change for the better once they make the purchase?

If you’ve neglected this element of SEO for your Irvine, CA-based company website, fix the problem. You should be explicit in talking about how the lives of your visitors will be better once they become customers.

Do You Use Testimonials?

People like to see testimonials, because they allow a potential customer to feel more confident that other individuals have bought from your company before, and they have liked the experience. Are there are any testimonials prominently featured on your website, Irvine?

If there aren’t, select some that you feel best epitomize what you want people to know about your company and products. Just get permission from the customer who wrote each testimonial before you feature it on your site. Most people are fine with having what they wrote featured.

How About Tangible Action Verbs?

In the text for your product pages and on your landing page, do you use tangible action verbs? These are phrases that you can use throughout your copy to encourage people to take some sort of action. Examples might be something like “grab yours today,” “reserve a seat,” or “sign up and receive a special discount.”

The idea is for people who are interacting with the website for your Irvine, CA-based business to take some particular action. You want them to do more than passively look at your site without buying anything. This is another SEO element that can mean the difference between a sale and a window shopper.

How did you do on the quiz? Have you already looked at all of these SEO elements on your site? If so, well done. You’re probably seeing some good sales numbers as a result. If you need to make adjustments in any of these areas, then act now. The sooner you improve your website, the sooner you will get more conversions.