One of the best reasons to hire an Orange County SEO company is to cultivate a good working relationship with Google. If you think about it, Google is like a partner for you. People are looking for things, and they use Google to try and find them. You want to use the search giant as a referral service of sorts for your website and brand. You therefore need to use the kind of language and employ the sort of strategy with Google that makes it the most likely people will find your site. Only the best Orange County SEO company will know how to do so, and that’s why you need to be so selective when you hire one.


The Importance of External Links


If you compare any number of sites that use external links versus those that don’t, the results are going to show the same thing with remarkable consistency. The sites that use external links to credible sources get more engagement and rank higher with Google than those that don’t. If you’re unsure about how to build links or which sites are suitable for linking, you need an SEO company in Orange County that has a wealth of prior experience in this area.


Locating authority sites shouldn’t be a problem if you are familiar with the other major players in your niche. Yes, they are your competitors, but there’s still no reason that you shouldn’t be able to enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship with them in this respect. External links are essential regardless of what you’re trying to do, but they’re no less than imperative if you’re trying to rank for extremely competitive keywords.


Internal Links Matter Too


As it turns out, Orange County, internal links on your site matter just as much as the outgoing ones. Your internal link system should be like a spider web, with each fine filament leading back to the page for which you are trying to rank. Look at the other pages on your site, and begin connecting relevant ideas. There should be opportunities for this connectivity because your entire site is about the same topic, the same niche, and the same services and products. It therefore shouldn’t be too difficult for you or your Orange County SEO company to make those connections with keywords and phrases that make sense.


Both external and internal links mean authority, Orange County businesses, and ultimately, that should be one of your goals. Getting that authority and becoming a known commodity will allow for the building of community relations, and will get you repeat business and brand loyalty. But it all starts with your relationship to Google, your partner. Keep the algorithm happy, and you’ll get the sales and engagement that you want.