We’re not too far away from a new year, and many Orange County companies have employed a social media agency to try and get their website to rank in 2019 in addition to running their various platforms. If you know a little bit about SEO, then you should have an idea of whether your agency is on the proper track with their suggestions. Just in case you’re not following closely what’s happening in the industry, here is a trend of which you should be aware.


SERP Features


Ranking first for organic search traffic is not the best and only way to ensure you’re getting the most engagement. It certainly makes a difference, but SERP features are also game changers, the reason being that they steal the attention of Google users and clicks from organic listings. When we talk about SERP features, we’re referring to featured snippets, Knowledge panels, local packs, and anything else that comes up when a search term or phrase is plugged into Google.


So, what can be done about it? The essential thing is that you monitor the features that show up for your keywords. They could be stealing traffic from you. You should also track your rankings with these features. The SEO Powersuite Rank Tracker can monitor 15 different SERP features, like which ones are triggered by your keywords. The SERP analysis tab can measure the volatility of these day-to-day features.


Your social media agency can use the data collected by Powersuite to figure out how best to showcase your site so that it is most likely to get engagement. That could mean squeezing into the local pack, getting a featured snippet for a query related to your niche, or possibly a Knowledge Graph panel.


Any of these are ideal ways for your Orange County business to get the attention of Google users. If you aren’t taking command of the SERP features, then your site could get buried in the rankings or overlooked. Google SERP continues to evolve. It has gone far beyond the “ten blue links” of past years. If you want your site to get the views and engagement that it deserves, make sure your SEO company knows how to give you the best chance for that to happen.