Much like asset investment, the business plan for your Orange County company should be all about diversification. To what does that refer, in this context? It simply means that if you want to increase your online sales, you’ll need to go about it by reaching out to your potential customers in as many ways as possible.


Social media is going to be a significant part of that, and that is why you’ll need to hire an agency that knows all about the most modern strategies that are likely to be successful for you. Here are a couple of those strategies that you may wish to discuss with your agency.


Micro-Content for Your Social Feeds


People lead on-the-go lifestyles these days, and that means they seldom have the time to read long, in-depth articles.


Your potential customers in Orange County might be checking out your social media accounts in the midst of their commute, or they might even be looking at their phones during a commercial break while watching a TV show.


That is the perfect time to introduce them to some of your micro-content, bite-sized articles having to do with some aspect of your services, products, or your niche in general.


This might not lead directly to sales, but it is a way for your audience to become familiar with your company’s message and the voice you’re trying to convey for your brand.


The perfect articles that are candidates for micro-content might have a light or playful tone. Since you’re not trying to get in-depth with the subject matter, focus on writing these as if they’re your side of a frivolous conversation that you’re having with a friend.


Twitter Chats


If you are using Twitter for your business, then a Twitter chat might be a useful tool in which your Orange County social media agency will want to engage.


Weekly Twitter chats are a way for your customers to interface with you directly so they can ask questions about your products and express appreciation for your brand.


You can thank them for their patronage, and you can also take the time to do some market research. You might ask them which of your products they like the most, and what improvements they would like to see in future versions.


You can pick a hashtag related to the Twitter chat and request that your community use it in connection with the tweets that they are sending you. This is a method for unobtrusively promoting your branding.  


What you should do is have a member of your social media agency ready to handle the chat. You can prep them with a list of topics on which to focus.


Social media is going to play a role in any online sales success that you have. If you can find yourself an agency that seems to be a good fit for your goals, hold onto them. A long-term relationship might end up being beneficial for both of you.