Orange County has an abundance of top social media companies, and they’re seeing plenty of business these days. That’s because many companies have determined that the creation of social media accounts on various platforms is the most likely way for them to find new customers.


They aren’t wrong in this assertion. It has been demonstrated conclusively that companies with social media accounts do better than those without them, regardless of what it is that they manufacture or sell. With that in mind, if you have a company in Orange County and you want to increase sales numbers, setting up social media accounts is the way to go.


You can always hire one of the top social media companies, or you can try to go it alone. If you’re opting for the second choice, here are some tips from social media agencies that can help you to get started.


Be Selective


There are dozens of social media platforms. Some of them are broad, like Facebook or Twitter, while others have a smaller but more dedicated base of users, like Pinterest or Snapchat. It’s not going to be possible for your Orange County business to have a presence on all of them, nor should you.


Instead, you should try and figure out which ones are essential and which are not. The ones where your customers are spending their time are where you will need to be. Choose one or two sites to start, and then expand from there. Do the research necessary to figure out if you need to be on YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, or somewhere else.


Select a Memorable Handle


You’ll want to spend a little time coming up with a memorable handle for each of your feeds, Orange County. If your company already has a unique or a clever name, then this is where it will come in handy. If your business name sounds a little more generic, then you’ll need to get creative with this part. Meet with your marketing team and brainstorm. You can all throw out your best ideas for names, then choose between them. You might even want to do some market research by bringing in some of your customers and polling them.


Build a Dream Team


If you are trying to handle the social media for your business alone rather than relying on one of the companies in Orange County, then you’ll need to have a strong creative team that can handle each aspect of your social media. That’s going to include graphics and video people, writers, and analytics people to track how you’re doing. If you have the budget for permanent staff, then you could go that route, or you might need to hire freelancers.


If you’ve done all of these things successfully, then you should be ready to dive into social media for your business. It’s undoubtedly going to be a learning process, so if you don’t feel like you’re getting as much engagement as you want right off the bat, don’t panic. Slow but steady increases in engagement numbers are what you’re looking for here.