If you run a business that has a brick-and-mortar location in Orange County, then you may find yourself engaged in a balancing act as it relates to your advertising strategy.


Maybe you’re using social media marketing to try and get people to come to your store. Simultaneously you’re trying to get the ones who are reluctant to do that to shop using your website instead.


If you don’t have a brick-and-mortar location and instead you’re focused entirely on trying to get people to buy through your website, then it simplifies matters somewhat. Today we’ll be discussing the best social media marketing strategies that are getting Orange County businesses amazing online sales numbers.


Posting Compelling Content Often


This directive seems somewhat simplistic. Everyone who knows something about social media marketing knows that you should often post on your various accounts and that what you post should be engrossing.


What’s going to be most critical for your business is for you to do the market research to figure out what times of the day your audience is around and are most likely to respond.


You’ll also need to figure out how many posts per day are optimal for each social media channel. You may need to run tests for weeks or even months before you figure out what the cadence should be for your brand.


Even more important, though, is what you’re posting. You’ll also need to mount an aggressive campaign wherein you take note of what sort of content your audience appreciates and what kind it ignores.


The more you’re able to learn about what your customers are into, the more likely your future social media marketing campaigns will be more successful, Orange County. You have to figure out these details, because otherwise you’re wasting time and energy.


Use Social Reviews


It’s also worth mentioning how essential social media has become as a way of promoting your product reviews.


There’s a review app for Shopify called Yotpo that prompts customers to leave a review after they have purchased from you. It’s an automated process, so you do not have to bother reaching out to a customer yourself.


You can connect the social media account for your business and post the reviews you get directly to your pages. They will appear as fresh content that you always need, and they will also help to drive traffic from your social media feeds to your website.


This is a surefire way to boost online sales, as these reviews make it easier for potential customers to trust you and to gain insight into how other people are using and enjoying your products.


For your Orange County business to find the highest level of success, social media marketing has to be one of your foremost weapons. The more platforms on which you are active, the better your chances of online sales. Especially in the case that you don’t have a physical store location, that’s going to make all the difference as you strive to grow and prosper.