Your Orange County social media advertising campaign is going to require an agency that has experienced success in this arena before. The creation of social media ads and the running of platforms for businesses are fine arts, and not all agencies have mastered them.


You’ll want to see a portfolio of past campaigns and some empirical evidence that suggests the results for which you are looking. Once you have determined that the company you have selected is the right one, these are the steps they should take.   


Integration of Marketing Efforts


Your social media agency in Orange County should know all about the benefits of integrated marketing efforts. This refers to cross-promotion among your social media feeds, and also the pushing of your social media agenda offline as well. If you have a brick-and-mortar location, then you can plug your social media feeds by giving away business cards to customers that have all of your platforms listed on them. You might also have them listed on swag like pens, erasers, little toys and trinkets, or anything else you can come up with that might be appropriate.


Set a Schedule


Your social media agency should know how to set up a schedule for your posts. There are tools like Hootsuite and others that they can use to automate things, or they can do it manually if that’s how they feel the most comfortable. They should set up times of day for not only new posts but also responding to comments, questions, etc. on each of your social media platforms. Remember that you’re doing all you can to stimulate conversation.


Quality, not Quantity


You might feel like you’re doing well if your Twitter account has 5,000 followers after the first few weeks, Orange County. But what matters more than quantity in such instances is quality. You would rather have 500 extremely dedicated and engaged followers than 5,000 who never interact with your brand or buy your products. There are analytics tools that your SEO company can use to see how much engagement you’re getting from your social media followers, and they should use them.


If they follow these steps, then your social media agency in Orange County will guide you to the numbers and results that you’ve been wanting. Make sure that you set goals and strive to attain them. You’ll want to build up your social media numbers slowly but steadily, and as you do, you should start to see more conversions as well.