The United States alone has 4.2 million homeless people, 345 million don’t have access to clean water and many are still dying from diseases which are otherwise treatable and preventable. The sad thing is,  the numbers are increasing every year. So what do we do as social media fanatics to support charities which are helping these people out? How can we help make the world a better place for the homeless and the needy?

First and foremost, make sure that there are people who would show up on the event otherwise it would be embarrassing and financially tragic for the charity organization you are supporting if no one participates or worse, no one shows up.

What Other Ways Do We Help Charity Events Through Social Media?

Technology lend its way to make charity or fundraising event promotion easier through social media. Here are a few tips you can try when you want to promote your charity or its cause:

  1. Engage with people/ followers. Social media, first and foremost, encourages people to become social. Posting the event alone won’t do the job. You have to reach out to your followers or likers one-by-one through private messaging as people won’t part with their money easily unless they know that it will be put to good use. You can message your charity’s objectives, the group of people who will benefit from it as well as future plans for the charitable institution. The more people know about it, the more your charity becomes an authentic and trusted cause and not just a means to get money out of the people’s generous pockets.


  1. Post images or videos of people, organization or cause which will benefit from the charity. Charitable institutions’ success depends mostly on the emotional connection it evokes from viewers and readers. It let’s potential donors see as you “bring your charity’s scope to life.” Potential volunteers and donors can identify with human experiences, especially of the suffering. You can use case studies and these can greatly boost your emotional connection with your followers as well as bring in more donations for your cause.


  1. Encourage your followers to share, like, retweet, repin or comment on your post. This opens a greater and wider avenue for your charity to reach more people (donors, volunteers, participants, supporters) as they get involved and become avid supporters of your charity or fundraising event.


Social media success especially for charities and fundraising events won’t happen overnight. It needs dedication, time and effort from volunteers who are willing to spread the word with the help of social media. And if you won’t find success in one platform, try others. That’s what social media platforms are created for anyway- to serve as medium for people to get closer and more involved.

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