Yelp is a corporation that developed a website and app which publish crowd-sourced reviews about local businesses.

Founded in 2004 by former Paypal’s Russel Simmons and Jeremy Stoppelman, it expanded throughout Europe and Asia and believed to have 135 million monthly visitors and nearly 95 million reviews.

Yelp isn’t just an option but rather a necessity especially for local small  businesses. It helps people decide where to go eat, shop, spend their money. and have fun!

Setting up your page is just filling out a couple of online forms and answering an automated call for verification. So make sure all necessary information that you want your clients to know is on your Yelp Page. You can upload photos, place a link to your website and ensure that your contact information, store hours, and other business information are up to date; otherwise Yelp will move on to a competitor and place it better in the search results because they provide more detailed information on what the site visitors need.

Yelp Business Page is a powerful tool that allows you to connect with customer through two response tool: via a private message or posting a public comment which is another avenue to learn from and build trust with your clients.  Responding to a bad or good review should be approached with utmost care because those who provide feedback are your paying customers; they are also human beings that are more often than not, very unpredictable and sensitive.Bear in mind that these reviewers are vocal and opinionated otherwise they would not be writing reviews.

Yelp allows you also to share special offers and announcements not just to a  number of  people who are visiting your page but to a larger  target audience who are still not aware of your business. Make it as creative as you can so you can draw a crowd and they can spread the news about your business’ promos and offers. The more offers you post, the more chances of discovery for your business.

Displaying a Yelp badge(s) on your website or  blog is a great impression that you have an existing satisfied customers vouching for you. People will be able to click the badge and read reviews or just get information about you.

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