Blogging Helps your Orange County Business Get Top Ranking


For consumers to trust your business in a particular niche, you have to be a reliable and trusted source of information. What better way to do it than through blogging?

First, let us define what a blog is. A blog is a derivation of the word ‘web’ and ‘log’ which typically means a website entry or journal about a particular topic or subject that other people can comment or engage in. Drive Traffic Media, an SEO expert provides blog creation as one of our SEO services since we consider it as an excellent way to improve website traffic and establish brand and business reputation not just in Newport Beach but the rest of Orange County.


Why is there a Need for Blogging and How will Businesses Benefit from it?


1. User-Index. Google and other search engines wants to provide its users with the most current and newest information about a particular industry. The reason for this is quite simple. When users type in a keyphrase or query about a particular topic, Google ranks websites based on an algorithm known as Query Deserves Freshness (QDF) which means that the fresher your contents are on the site, the more relevant and deserving your business is to get the top spot.

2. How Keywords are Optimized. In the hopes of getting on page 1, business sometimes make the mistake of stuffing keywords on their blog that the entire content is not making any sense anymore. It is best, then, to create a blog based on the context of your keyphrase, which you think your customers are normally searching when looking for your type of business and which is/are inserted or incorporated in a natural way all throughout the content.

3. Size of the Website and the number of Pages.The more pages there are on your website, the more keywords and contents can be written which correlates to greater opportunities for each of those pages to get indexed by Google. It is important to note, however, that you cannot change your homepage every month

4. Relevant Backlinks. Everytime you post blogs that are informative and relevant to your industry, you increase the likelihood of other businesses within your niche to use your link as a useful resource. Google values websites that have relevant backlinks because that means you are an expert in that field.

According to Search Engine Watch, for your business to succeed in blogging and thus rank higher, you have to think of key phrases that your consumers normally query on search engines and use these key phrases normally all throughout your blog. Interlinking your blog to your site pages ( most likely your Products or Services page) or cross-referencing your blog with another relevant blog in your industry will also be a big help. It is also considered good practice to share and promote your blog to your social media accounts and on your emails. Of course, organization skills should also come to play as blogging about certain topics need to be planned and scheduled ahead of time.

We know though that writing takes your time off from the  thing which you love the most – which is making your business grow. That is why Drive Traffic Media, an SEO expert here in Newport Beach and the surrounding cities of Orange County provides SEO services that includes the creation of fresh, quality and useful contents which are intended to make you a very useful resource for your consumers and businesses within your industry. Not only that, we create blogs that are sure to get you to the coveted search engine’s Page 1. Call us at 9498006990 to know more about our SEO services and receive a free quote today.