Video Marketing

Video marketing has evolved and is continually rising as the year progresses. Do you know that around 100 million internet users watch video everyday? Granted, some of them might be watching a ‘viral’ video but some of them are looking at explainer videos of certain products or services. A certain online retailer shop even said that 90% of their online shoppers said that their buying decisions are influenced by the videos they watched. How important are videos and why is there a need for video marketing especially for businesses in Newport Beach and Orange County?

10 Reasons Why Videos and Video Marketing are Needed

1. Video improves SEO. According to comScore, 64% of web visitors stay on a site longer than 2 minutes if the site has a video and when properly optimized, it increases the likelihood of getting to the top pages of Google by 53%.

2. Video improves consumer attention. 80% of internet users can recall a website that has video compared to a website without according to the Online Publishers Association. The best thing about this is the fact that out of 80%, 46% of them take some sort of action (i.e. they look for additional information about the subject of the video, visit the website or purchase a product).

3. Video improves engagement. When you post videos on a social media platform, it increases the chances of getting engagement (Likes, Shares, Comments) 10 times compared to plain text post.  This is true as images travel 60,000 times faster compared to text.

4. Video is the name of the Search Engine and Social Media Platforms’ Game. Youtube which is considered the second search engine next to Google boasts 4 billion video views similar to Facebook  everyday. Snapchat, Periscope, Instagram and several other platforms are also competing as these platforms know that videos provide greater impact and can convey more meaningful messages compared to  plain text.

5. Videos improves your industry reputation. 75% of  executives say that they watch videos on business sites  at least once a week according to Forbes. That in itself establishes your relevance in your industry as more businessmen watch your videos, the more likely they will also recommend your site to others.

6. Videos Improve Email Clickthroughs. The survey conducted by Implix established that email clickthroughs increase by 96% if the introductory email has a video. Furthermore, according to Eloqua, a provider of automated emails, said that there is a 75% reduction in opt-outs if the introductory email has a video.

7. Videos increases Lead generation. The real estate listings (with videos) of an Australian real estate group receives 403% times more inquiries compared to their listings without videos. We can say, then, that videos not just increase lead generation but multiplies it several times over.

8. Videos improves lead conversion and Sales. An email marketing campaign of one online marketer reported an increase in their subscriber-to-lead conversion by 51% when they included videos in their emails.

9. Videos strengthens emotional connections. A themed  video has the ability not just to evoke emotions but to make viewers stay on and watch until the end of the clip and as long as the video clip is engaging, only 45% of viewers will click off and away from a  video which is 2 minutes or longer according to the research conducted by Visible Measures.

10. Video has the power of a thousand words. According to Dr James McQuivey of Forrester research, one minute of a video has the power to deliver 1.8 million words. That is equivalent to writing several webpages of content! Video marketing then, allows us to deliver our message to our audience in a stronger yet concise way.

For videos to deliver and convey its message- an effective video marketing plan needs to be in place. it has to be short, engaging and attention-provoking for it to get engagement and convert to sales. Drive traffic Media is a video marketing company that serves businesses in Newport Beach and the rest of Orange County. We utilize video analytics to make sure that your videos get seen and serve its purpose in increasing your ROI. Call Us at 9498006990 for a free quote today.