Attributes of an Internet Marketing Manager

We have been in the hype to get the best web-design and the most catchy video but we forgot that the key element for any online campaign is a good manager. Whether the business is a start-up or an established one, internet marketing  should be considered, as people nowadays turn to the web to search for things or services they need to purchase or subscribe to. Depending on your marketing budget, target audience and goals, your internet marketing manager should possess several of these things:

Reputation. If you’re looking to hire a manager for internet marketing in Orange County, ask for referrals from other businesses with successful online campaigns. Referrals come in handy as it will gauge the manager’s capacity to handle your marketing campaign. Remember, you are investing not just money but your brand and without a manager that knows his way around internet marketing, it might cause your company’s growth and progression or its decline. Checking for testimonials or reviews from previous clients of your prospective manager can also help as it will verify the expertise (or lack thereof) of the person who will become your voice in the online world.

Knowledge. Well, it’s pretty obvious. You wouldn’t want to hire a manager who does not know what he is doing. Set up a meeting or go over proposals with your selected candidates to find out what their strategies are in helping your campaign. This is another way of checking whether your manager has the same goals as you are to promote your business.

Trust. You wouldn’t be comfortable discussing your business strategies and plans with a person whom you don’t trust. Without an amiable atmosphere between you and your manager, ideas will just bounce back and forth without implementation. And worst, you’ll be leaving the campaign with less money and no proof of success.

On your part, though, make sure that you provide your manager all the details he/she/they need to run a successful campaign for you. All of your social media credentials, photos, logos, pictures, etc. should be provided in advance for your manager to device a plan that would work best for your campaign. Remember, it takes two to tango so without cooperation on your part, your manager or the team’s best wouldn’t be enough. It would also help to set proper goals and expectations at the start of the campaign and be clear and reasonable with what the plan or package you subscribed to includes. You can’t expect your internet marketing manager to work on a new web design if you only paid for social media management. Similarly, you can’t expect your manager to do all things at once. Campaigns, in order to be successful, needs a lot of time -time to build your online presence and your business’ reputation.

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