“Education is an ornament in prosperity and a refuge in adversity.”- Aristotle

Such are the thoughts that come into the minds of the couple Lina and Francisco (not their true name) as they sat on their kitchen table while thinking of ways to earn additional income as classes for their 4 children is about to start in 3 weeks’ time. Due to lack of education and unestablished family planning, their family blossomed with 5 children. All under the age of 15. Francisco is a fisherman and Lina takes care of the children and from time to time sells Filipino kakanin (delicacies) to their neighbors to help her husband out in any way she can. That night, the couple were talking about the previous night’s fishing outcome. Francisco is devastated because they have little catch, not even enough to sustain their needs and what with 4 children getting all excited for the start of school, he can only watch them with mixed despair and pride in his eyes. Despair because as a father, he couldn’t provide his children their needs and pride because unlike other kids, his are all looking forward to learn in school.

Thanks to Drive Traffic Media’s give back and social consciousness program, these kids will have the school supplies they need to start another school year this June ( Filipino School Year starts June and ends in March). Because of the company’s generosity, these kids can look forward to the start of their classes with brighter eyes.

This family’s plight is just a wave in the great ocean of poverty in the Philippines but we believe that the tiny ripple that Drive Traffic Media has started will go a long way to create social awareness to those who have enough to give. We have to remember that success comes with social responsibility and what better way than to help out our less fortunate brothers and sisters?

The happiness in their eyes are priceless. Unexpected generosity and thoughtfulness from a stranger, much more because that company is several timezones away, can do that. Thank you, Drive Traffic Media! Cheers to more success!