Want Clients to Give In? Social Ad Marketing is Key!


You got quality contents and you’re very excited that it’s going to get so much engagement so you post it on your social media accounts to let your viewers see the benefits of your content and then…BOOM! Just one or two ‘Likes’ and worst case scenario, you get nothing at all.

Let’s face it. Regardless of the fact that you spent so many hours on a great content, in the hopes of providing your readers the answers they need about your products or services, only a few of them gets to see your content on their newsfeeds. It is very difficult to get organic results in social media marketing nowadays, especially for Orange County businesses which are utilizing social media to promote their web contents.

The question is, why is this happening and how would a social media company address this? Here are a few insights from Kelly Shepsko of Business 2 Community.

1. To get social media engagement, you need a social ad budget. Do you know that even if you have thousands of social media followers on Facebook, only about 1-6% of them gets to see your company update on their newsfeeds? That’s right! And with that depressing percentage in mind, only a few get to actually see it as it is piled up with other updates on their newsfeeds. Not really a happy thought, eh? So since social media platforms are making it difficult for business owners to promote their contents, which you either paid or spent many hours to create, you need to promote it via Facebook ad marketing. Why? According to Kelly, even the HubSpot founders agreed that you need to allocate a social ad budget for your business to survive. As I mentioned earlier, gone are the days where high organic social media marketing results are obtained easily.

2. You need to implement Social Ad Retargeting until your potential clients are ready to Buy or use your service. Have you noticed that when you visit a certain shopping site, the items you click are the same items you see posted on your Facebook, Twitter and other social media pages? This is called social ad retargeting and it’s a very powerful tool that would allow you to “nurture grow and convince” your potential customers even after they have visited your website and moved on to their respective social media accounts. The good thing about this is that they’re the ones who expressed interest in your product or service, the only thing that the social ad retargeting would do is to “follow-up” with them until they buy or subscribe.

3. Social Media Marketing is cheaper compared to other marketing campaigns. Instead of thinking of the costs, think of the returns this will give your company. Ad marketing and remarketing are not limited to large business corporations anymore, even small business owners need to do it as only a small percentage of your followers get to see your updates (Remember, only 1-6%). Your contents need to be seen and appreciated so you have to boost it and give your viewers the ‘push’ to buy in. Besides, ad marketing is way more effective but cheaper compared to traditional means of marketing so why not boost what’s helpful and necessary to your audience?


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Source: Social Media Advertising: The New Kid on the Inbound Marketing Block by Kelly Shepsko of Business 2 Community