Checklist for Content that Matters in SEO


Content is King according to Google and for this reason alone, we need to make sure that the content we write is up to the standards of search engines for it to rank and be on page one. I’ve written about the importance of blogging before so I will discuss the key elements in writing content that matters in SEO– not just to Google’s search bots but more so to improve the experience of readers (who by the way is the primary reason for Google’s updates) here in Orange County and everywhere else.


What are the Key Elements for Content that Matters?


1. Your audiences’ needs. As mentioned your readers, who are also your prospective buyers, should be catered when writing topics for your content. Topics should revolve around your audience and the possible questions they want answers for when searching for you or your business.

2. Be clever with your content title. A catchy title is what will generate curiosity to your readers which in turn will prompt them to click and read your post.

3. Make the answers and headings to your topic stand out. As much as we love our readers to stay and read through the entire post, the reality is, they will never do that especially if the answer they’re looking for cannot be found through a quick perusal. Give your readers an easy way of finding their needed answers by separating the key points of your topic from the rest and presenting the subtopics separately as well.

4. Be concise. Explanations to your topic doesn’t have to be long. Short sentences can also do that especially as most of your readers, admittedly, are only there for a quick scan.

5. Add your personality when writing. Long topics need not drag especially if you can give ‘Life’ to it by adding your blog personality. The important thing is, you are speaking with your readers, not just speaking at them.

6. Create useful contents. Well, this is the primary reason why your readers clicked on your content, remember?

7. Make contents accessible to all readers. Readers with special needs use specialized tools to read so that means fonts and other content tools should be generic. It pays to conform, remember that.

8. Make sure you proofread. Your readers and Google will definitely be put-off when they see grammatical errors so make sure you post quality contents.

9. Finish with a Call-to-Action. Whether you want them to visit your website or you’re promoting a sale event or you want them to download something, make sure that your readers understand what you want them to do.

10. Be consistent. Consistency begets trust. Your readers will know that you are reliable and knowledgeable if you regularly update them with what’s going on with your industry.

11. Engage with your audience. May it be a comment, question or feedback from your readers when you post and share your contents, be sure to take time to answer and engage with them. It’s a way to establish a relationship with your audience and a great way to encourage them to share your post as well.

12. Promote your blog where it matters. Distributing your contents on relevant sites not just allow you opportunities to backlink but is a great opportunity for you to reach more audience.

Content writing can never be separated from SEO as the former is the foundation of good SEO technique. Just as long as the optimization process is done correctly, your content will get you to where your Orange County business aim to be, on Google’s top spot.

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Source: The Ultimate Blog Writing And SEO Checklist by Inklyo