Orange County businesses face many challenges if they want to thrive and compete with similar establishments in their niche. Unless you’ve found a spot in the market where there was a need for a product or service that was not being catered to, chances are there are plenty of others who wish to siphon off your profits. This is the nature of capitalism, where competition for sales is paramount.


To get ahead you need stellar Orange County website design, and that’s one of the best reasons for hiring an SEO company. Such agencies can do more than help you rank highly with Google and other search engines. They can design a website for you that is most likely to capture user engagement and lead to conversions. Let’s take an in-depth look at why website design is so vital for your business’s success.


User Experience


User experience matters as it relates to your online sales. If your company relies a lot on e-commerce, then the first thing someone notices who visits your site for the first time is how easy it is for them to navigate and locate what it is they’re trying to buy. That means you need a speedy loading time, especially for your mobile site. Google has said that this is a ranking factor now, but even if that weren’t the case, it’s obvious that a visitor would be frustrated having to wait for longer than a few seconds for your landing page to load.


It’s also true that you can probably design a website yourself, Orange County, using WordPress or another basic setup. But will you be completely familiar with the most modern-looking themes that are most likely to influence site visitors and give them the best impression of your company? SEO companies often have expert site designers on staff. They can make sure that your calls to action are featured prominently on the website. They’ll ensure that there are outbound links to other prominent sites, that the images are clear and professional-looking, and that all of the plugins and other features are updated continuously so that everything runs smoothly. All of that matters. You need to impress the new arrivals who may have never heard of your company before.


If you hire an Orange County SEO company for website design, it will be one less thing about which you have to worry. You can concentrate on the many other aspects of running a business that are doubtless occupying your time. Your website is never the place to skimp on costs. Part of professionalism is looking your best, and one way to be sure of doing that is to hire a competent web designer.