There are many ways that an Orange County SEO company can go about optimizing your business website. If your site is already set up well, is aesthetically appealing, loads quickly, and generally the user experience is what it should be, then probably any adjustments are going to be minor. If there is quite a bit about the site that isn’t working as it should be then it will probably be necessary to do a significant overhaul. In either case, your SEO company needs to be aware of the analytical tools that are out there and can be used to your best advantage.


Screaming Frog


Screaming Frog is possibly the most essential crawling tool on the market these days, Orange County. If you’re going to do a meaningful website audit that will reveal all of a site’s strengths and weaknesses, this is the tool to have. This service can identify faulty URLs and response codes. It can locate missing page titles and meta descriptions and keywords. You can detect errors in your canonicals with it. If you want to go even a little deeper than all of that, Screaming Frog can help you identify issues with pagination. If your site is going international, you can get help with implementation issues so you can be entirely in compliance with best practices.


Google Analytics


This is another one with which your SEO company should be intimately familiar, Orange County. This is the best tool for analyzing organic search performance. Issues with traffic can be resolved, as can penalties from the search giant. You can set it up so you get a monthly report that can be broken down so that you see areas where you are underperforming. You’re also saving the data from your website by doing that just in case something unforeseen happens. Best of all, this tool is provided for free.


Google Search Platform


Another free Google tool is the Search Platform, a kind of companion tool for the Analytics feature. You can set up a report process with it that will reveal everything you’d want to know about who is visiting your site, Orange County. You can see what time of day is most popular, and what days of the week. You can look at your bounce and linger rates, and you can see how many pages each person is looking at who visits. All of this will be very helpful in setting up your sales strategy.


There are other tools out there about which your SEO company should know, Orange County, but these three basics are the optimal place to start. When you speak to your agency, make sure that they are well acquainted with all of these.