Have you hired an SEO expert for your business, Orange County companies? If so, then you probably have a long list of things that you need them to do for you. That list might include keyword research, running your social media feeds, and many aspects of your advertising. After all, the best SEO companies can do more than optimization. They should be one-stop shopping for all things digital.

As it relates to advertising, your SEO expert should know how to run successful campaigns on many platforms. They should be ready to get you the ROI that you require, and they should have plenty of prior examples of past campaigns that they have run.

As you sit down with them to try and figure out how best to tackle the specific needs of your campaign, though, one thing that you should ask them about is split tests. Does your agency know what they are, and how to conduct them? If they don’t, then you may want to use someone else, because split tests can go a long way in determining failure or success as your ad campaign progresses.

What is a Split Test?

Split tests are most commonly used for things like ads and landing pages on websites. You run different versions of the ads or pages to see how people interact with them.

The idea is to determine which version is superior in terms of linger time (how long people stay on the page), whether they click on the ad or not, and then how many of those who clicked become a conversion (buy the service or product).

Why Do They Matter?

The reason split tests matter so much for Orange County businesses is that when you use them, it gives you or your SEO expert a great deal of information about which of your concepts are working and which ones should probably be tweaked or scrapped altogether.

Your SEO agency needs to be a little patient in determining what’s working. They should allow for a minimum of 1,000 unique impressions or experiences before they decide if an ad or a webpage is doing what it needs to do. If they take their time, they should be able to find a winning formula.

A real SEO expert looks at the big picture, so if it means spending an extra $50 or $100 to get the best impression of whether an ad campaign is going to take off or plummet to earth, then they should be willing to sacrifice it.

Spending too much in the early stages of a campaign often means a quicker learning curve. As a business, understand that you will recoup that money in the weeks to come if you double down on the aspects of the campaign that are working.