Things You Can Do If Your Site Ranking Has Dropped

Things You Can Do If Your Site Ranking Has Dropped

Fluctuations in search ranking are almost always inevitable. This is especially true as search engines such as Google frequently roll out real-time algorithm updates. This doesn’t only sometimes cause algorithmic penalties, but it also causes search rankings to head into the wrong direction.

Here are some easy ways to prevent your site ranking from dropping:

Review the ABCs of your website

Make sure your site is not lacking the basic essentials of a successful website. It should:

  • Effectively represent your company and its objectives
  • Have a clear call-to-action
  • Have a structure that’s easy to navigate
  • Give you access to statistics that guide you in making marketing decisions

Evaluate your site’s SEO elements

Take time to scrutinize your site’s homepage title, metatags, headings, and other SEO elements. For example, check if your homepage title and metatags are optimized or if they are displaying correctly on your site.

Always check out for search engine’s algorithm updates

Follow popular influencers such as Gary Illyes, Barry Schwartz, and Danny Goodwin to remain on top of the recent developments. If you think you’re up-to-date and that you’re doing things the right way, consider checking your web’s content, layout, and load time.

Find essential information in Google Analytics

Google Analytics offers tons of information such as how visitors found your site, things they did while on your site,  possible reasons they left before making a purchase, etc. You can even segment your audience by desktop and mobile browsers.

Monitor your site’s backlink profile

As you know, backlinks are important as they help prove your site’s trustworthiness and value. If you only have a small backlink profile or have a couple of links from spammy websites, then that would really hurt your ranking.



There’s no problem too big or small when it comes to SEO or web optimization. Instead of panicking, do your homework and make sure not to skip the basics.

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