It seems like every year in SEO circles something is described as “the next big thing” in Orange County. One year it might be a new Google algorithm update that changes the approach an SEO company uses to create content. The next year it might be a new emphasis on mobile website usage. At the moment, one of the candidates for “next big thing” status has to be voice search. Take a moment to consider the following.


One-fifth of all mobile searches now use voice search. More than two-fifths of adults use voice search every day. Finally, mobile searches using voice search on Google are up 35x as compared to ten years ago.


Yes, voice search is coming on strong. As is always the case with innovation, your SEO company must take this into account as they work on optimizing your website.


What Is Most Important to Know About Voice Search


So, what does your SEO company need to know to make sure you’re optimized for voice search? First of all, you need to try and rank in the top three Google search results, since the majority of the time, those top three are the sites from which Google pulled its answers.


Next, you should do everything you can to try and get a featured snippet for your site, it not more than one, Orange County. Not only are featured snippets a great way to make people aware of your site, but also, voice search results rely on the content from featured snippets quite often.


Finally, you should try to make sure that your content features both a question and an answer in it. Try to attain the mindset of the person who will be using voice search. How are they likely to phrase their question? That query, word for word, should appear in your content, immediately followed by a concise answer for it.


Google almost always tries to pick a page from a site that has both the question and answer, so if you write this sort of content, then you’ll jump to the front of the line. Following this train of reasoning, you can see why Google often uses website FAQ pages for voice search results, Orange County.


If your SEO company writes content with the purpose of making it more attractive for voice search, then it’s probably going to do well in search results. Whether you want to call voice search the next big thing or not, there’s no doubt that it’s on the rise. Both you and your SEO company should be aware of that and formulate your content accordingly if you want better engagement numbers.