Most businesses in Orange County know that social media platforms are an excellent way for you to spread the word about your brand. That applies not just to your accounts, but also your advertising. If you’ve hired an SEO company to run your ad campaigns, then they will likely mention Facebook as a way for your brand to get some attention, and that means Facebook Ads.

Having a Goal

When your SEO company is going to get started with Facebook Ads, it is critical that they have a goal that you work out with them beforehand.

It will be impossible to determine if what they are doing is finding success in the way that you planned if you don’t have some particular engagement or sales numbers that you’re striving to hit. If you are specific with your goals, then your SEO company will be better able to craft the ads in such a way that you have the best shot at meeting them.

Use Promotional Tools

One of the most significant reasons that Facebook Ads is a great way to promote your business is because of the handy promotional tools that are part of their platform. Your SEO company needs to know how to use them. Speak to your agency beforehand and make sure that they have run Facebook Ad campaigns before and they know the intricacies of all the different tools.


Finally, your agency needs to know about KPIs, key performance indicators. These are methods through which your SEO company can see and understand how your ads are doing. They will be things like net profits rather than engagement percentage or cost-per-action.

KPIs are about the bottom line, or ROI, return on investment. You and your SEO company should be able to look at real dollar amounts that you’re spending on the campaign versus the sales that you’re bringing back.

Facebook Ads can help you out tremendously if you know how to use them, Orange County. The platform is always adding new features, and your SEO company should be up to date on all of them. There are tens of millions of potential customers on Facebook every day, and you can let them know about your brand and products if you handle things the right way.