Why Facebook is Valuable to Your Marketing Strategy


Why Facebook is Valuable to Your Marketing Strategy

Among the many different marketing channels there are, Facebook has emerged as one of the best of them. This social media giant is the largest social media site in the world with over 2.6 billion monthly active users. As impressive as that is, it brings in 1.73 billion active users daily! With the abundance of so many different audiences on Facebook, the opportunities are there for businesses that are willing to take them. Drive Traffic Media, an Orange County SEO company shares some tips on why you should be utilizing this social platform to promote your business.  

Get Your Business a Page 

Making a Facebook page for your brand is key to getting started and noticed on this social platform. Putting basic but key information like your name, contact information, and address is one of the first things potential customers look at. Adding a short bio of who you are and what you do can help people get familiar with your brand. You can post a ton of content on your page like your history, your impact, and even your employees so new and existing customers can learn about and interact with your business. 

Share Visual Content of Your Business

It has been proven over the years that users are reacting more to visual content instead of text alone. Luckily on Facebook, you can use both! Posting pictures or videos that display your products and services can help potential and existing customers get a better understanding of what it is you have to offer. Posting a photo or video with a short caption is what most people do when posting content. To get more engagement, your caption could include an open-ended question that can help users interact with your post more by replying in the comment section. 

Another feature of Facebook is the “tag” feature. Users can tag other users in their posts or in their pictures, which can help a business gain exposure to new customers. If you post a picture of someone on your page you can invite that person to tag themselves in it, and that will post as an update on their account. This is beneficial because this post will be shown to their friends, giving it word-of-mouth feel to make the post and your brand more interesting to the user who is viewing it.

Drive More Traffic to Your Website

Including your website link on your Facebook page or in your posts can help push users to visit your website. Users who visit your website through Facebook have a higher chance of being receptive to your website and what products you’re offering because of the familiarity they gained through your page. Compared to the average visitor, visitors coming from Facebook are more likely to make a purchase/conversion since they were already motivated to dig deeper into your business. 

A Good Bang For Your Buck

Compared to other marketing channels, Facebook is a relatively cheaper option. Other channels may cost up to thousands of dollars per campaign while on this social platform it will only cost a fraction of that. This is very beneficial for all businesses but more specifically for small businesses that don’t have an abundance of a marketing budget.

Just because it’s the cheaper option doesn’t mean it isn’t as effective. Facebook has a great marketing platform where you can target audiences that fit your ideal customer. You can choose an age range, location, gender, interests, and even income if users include that information on their profiles. There are so many options that you can include to help target specific users based on who they are such as if they have kids, their education level, and whatever other information they share. 

No matter what you are using right now, Facebook should definitely be something you incorporate into your branding strategy. The number of users who are on this social media platform gives you an endless amount of eyes to reach and promote your brand too. These tips from Drive Traffic Media, an Orange County SEO company should help you get a better understanding of how Facebook can help your business grow and become more successful. 

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