When you hire an Orange County social media agency, make sure to have a look at their bona fides before making your selection. The agency you want should have run successful social media campaigns in your niche before, and they should have the empirical evidence and the references to back it up. See what they’ve done for companies similar to yours, and it’s not a bad idea to call and speak to some of their previous clients as well. As you’re making your decision, you should also determine whether the company you’re considering is likely to make these critical ad campaign errors.


Images Matter


You’d be surprised by how many promising ad campaigns get torpedoed because of the usage of poor stock images. Stock photos are easily identifiable to a lot of people, and they seldom make a favorable impression. Your Orange County social media agency should have a professional photographer and video production team on staff to create original high-quality images and video for you. If you do feel like you have to use stock photos, at least use ones that tell the story you’re trying to convey and don’t look staged or generic.


You Need Video


Speaking of that professional video production team, you should regard the inclusion of video as essential to your social media ad campaign. Video is necessary in 2018, perhaps one of the most vital parts of establishing your brand identity, which is directly tied into whether people will want to buy things from your company. Your social media agency should have some video ideas to bring to the table, and they should know how to execute those plans. It’s not that difficult. Any smartphone has a camera these days, and “candid” videos about your company can be just as valuable as overproduced ones.


Never Ignore Your Reviews


Your Orange County social media agency should have a plan in place for dealing with your negative reviews anytime they pop up online or on your social media feeds. Those reviews matter. A staggering percentage of people across all demographics look at reviews before they purchase any product or service online. Think about new movies coming out that never gain any traction because they scored poorly on Rotten Tomatoes, for instance. When you get negative reviews, it is the responsibility of your social media agency to reach out to the aggrieved party and see if they can offer some resolution to the issue.


If your social media agency can handle these problems for you, then your campaign should be a rousing success, Orange County. With a respected agency by your side, you can expand your business, and you’ll be pleased with the new opportunities that open up to you.