In Orange County, businesses thrive when they’re at the top of their SEO game. That means having a highly skilled staff doing your optimization in-house, or else farming it out by using an SEO company. Whichever way you go, you’ll stay ahead of the pack if you know which optimization tools are worth your time. Here are three that are positively indispensable. is a way of finding out which email addresses are related to a website. Within seconds, you or your Orange County SEO company can find the email addresses of people who have bought products from you or visited your site. This is the ideal way to compile a mailing list, and you’ll be able to see a confidence score related to the addresses as well.


The ones that is sure about will have a verified icon next to them. Mailing lists and targeted email marketing have been demonstrated to generate more sales and engagement if you craft your campaign and messages carefully. Including coupons or special offers with your emails will make brand loyalty more likely, and repeat customers are the most valuable ones you can have.


SEO Web Page Analyzer


Several different tools boast that they’re able to break down a website from an SEO standpoint, but SEO Web Page Analyzer is probably our favorite one, Orange County. You’ll be able to see an SEO score for each of your pages from 0 to 100, and it will tell you in detail what you can do to improve the pages that are deficient. If the meta title and description aren’t working for you, there are missing alt tags, or if there aren’t enough internal or external links, you’ll find out about it, and you’ll be able to make those corrections.




Broken links aren’t going to win you any votes of confidence with Google. LinkMiner is the Chrome extension that allows you to uncover any broken links on your pages, and you can quickly take steps to fix them. With one click, you can export the list of scraped links to a CSV. You’ll be able to see the link type and the status code information.


You can also use this tool in conjunction with the Ahrefs Batch Analysis tool, Orange County. By exporting the broken links to a CSV and then pasting them into the Analysis tool, you’ll be able to tell which of them have the most referring domains pointing to them. These are the ones that are worth repairing because they present the most potential value for your site.


Either you or your SEO company needs to be using these tools, Orange County. Without them, your website won’t be operating at full capacity, and you run the risk of competitors poaching your customers.