Twitter can be highly useful for marketing purposes, Orange County, provided that you find a social media agency that knows what they’re doing. You want an agency that has a wealth of experience in this area and has spearheaded multiple successful past campaigns. Hashtags are a focal point that should always have their attention.


Using Hashtags Correctly


Hashtags are one of the things that are often used indiscriminately by social media companies that are inexperienced, Orange County. There are three categories of hashtags, and we’ll look at each in turn. There are trending hashtags. These are centered around topics in the news, and they will change or disappear fairly quickly. They are “of the moment.” There are industry hashtags. These are about trends and topics. The third category is branded hashtags. These are specific to your organization or company.


The best thing that your social media agency can do is to mix them up. Each post should contain one hashtag, or two tops. If there’s something that’s happening right at that moment in the news, a trending hashtag is appropriate. Even if what is happening can’t be tied directly back to your company, if you can say something relevant or funny about it, it’s a sound strategy. It demonstrates to your followers that you’re staying on top of current events.


The other two sorts of hashtags, industry and branded tags, should be the go-to tags that you plan on including in your posts beforehand. Trending hashtags, by contrast, are going to appear in the post that you come up with on the fly.


Plan Ahead, But Also Be Spontaneous


What you have to remember about Twitter, Orange County, is that while you can certainly plan out a schedule of tweets for your company and brand days beforehand, or you can have a social media agency do it, you’ll also want the freedom to change up that schedule if something happens. The best Twitter feeds are those that feel lively and energetic. They feel conversational. If all your followers can expect from your Twitter account are predictable tweets about the same services and products twice a day, they’re quickly going to get bored.


The best solution for this is to appoint someone to handle your Twitter feed. You can do it yourself if you have the time, but more likely it will be an employee of your company or someone that works for your social media agency. It will be one of their main jobs. They should not only have tweets composed beforehand, but they should also have the mental acuity to come up with spontaneous tweets when something of interest happens out in the world.


Twitter is the social media platform of the moment, Orange County, and we mean that literally. Whenever something worth mentioning occurs that you can tie back to your brand, it behooves you to do so. That can be one of the central jobs for which you hire a social media agency.