Everyone agrees that Emojis are the next massive phenomenon on the biggest social media platform, Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg first announced this development last October and in the next few weeks, we can all start expressing our ‘likes’ in various ways through the six emojis that Facebook will add These are collectively known as Facebook “Reactions” and you will all see reactions like : angry, sad, wow, haha, yay and love.The upcoming icons will add not only excitement to users but also enhance creativity the way people communicate and express their emotions.

Around 1.04 billion are actively logging into Facebook everyday with 934 million daily users doing it on smartphones and tablets and with 1.59 billion users visiting monthly, these collection of icons and symbols are great ways to convey ideas or impressions.

Emojis are expected to change the way Facebook users react to posts or updates and it’s quite easy to come up with these “Reactions” button too! You just simply need to hold down the ‘Like’ button on your smartphone until these six emojis come up. If you’re on a computer on the other hand, you just need to hover over on the ‘Like’ button until the emojis appear. Quite easy, right? Emojis are expected to capture the hearts of the present generation as well as those who are young at heart.

Facebook never ceases to create surprises and updates that make the platform better and more exciting to its users. While it is exploring and expanding new ways to share innovative tools and functionalities to Facebook- both on a personal and business level, its members and users are thrilled for the arrival of the new Emojis. Who knows, maybe the next set of icons are already on the plate waiting to be tested. The possibilities are limitless with Mark Zuckerberg on the reign and it is as far as your mind could wander. What do you think? Share your thoughts, or better yet, your reactions. Choose your Emojis.

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