Our 2019 forecast for search engine optimization is accurate – because we want to deliver information in the best manner. 

From the explosive growth of SERP capabilities to the key drivers of this year’s search, our search engine optimization experts have consulted their crystal balls and made predictions.

Please continue reading the comprehensive list of twelve Orange County SEO predictions for 2019:

1. The answer will drive the search

Google wants to respond to all queries and rewards the site with simple, well-structured answers. Focusing on the solution will naturally make visitors want more and build your brand loyalty. 

2. Voice search will continue to be entirely unavailable for optimization

According to Moz, the conversion from voice search will stay in the black box. Further research shows that optimizing for voice search will be similar to optimizing for featured snippets. 

3. Mobile is a table bet

Now, it is hardly a prediction. If your 2019 SEO plan is to figure out the mobile, trust me, you are too late. Almost all Google features are designed, keeping in view the mobile version, and the mobile-first index has expanded rapidly over the past few months.

Today, Google is trying to find ways to replace organic with solutions that will retain users on Google

s property. It includes user engaging SERP features that replace several website offerings the idea that flights, weather, and live scores have

4. The video will dominate 

Today, video Carousels, featured videos, and recommended clips can entirely replacing the how-to spaces. As Google is testing several search appliances with screens, expect the video to dominate in all niches. 

5. SERP will become more interactive

Based on what query you are inserting into the search engine, several other questions will automatically generate below to expand your problem further. This real-time engagement keeps the visitors on the search engine result pages longer. It also helps Google to understand the users’ requirements better. 

6. Local Search Engine Optimization: Google will continue to engage in your business – literally

Google will continue to do it’s best to provide a flawless user experience. Therefore, it asks more and more questions from your potential customers. 

For example, does your business has a gender-neutral bathroom? Can this business be accessed? How is the atmosphere? How clean is it? What kind of lighting do they have? And many more.

If Google can get accurate, real information about your business (percentage of repeat customers through geocaching, prices through transaction history, etc.), customers can rely less on website signals.

7. The business close to searchers will still be the best-ranking factor in the local area

In Moz’s recent local SEO report, most respondents believe that Google focuses on searchers and local businesses often emphasize the quality distance of local SERPs.

Marketers predict that they will continue to see this having a significant impact on the 2019 results.

8. Local Orange County SEO search engine optimization: Google will increase monetization

With Adwords and a potential new lead model, you can see more local and map spaces monetized by Google. This space will become more and more competitive. 

9. Marketers will pay more attention to SERP

Since Google is doing, it’s best to give people more and more answers, and it is expected that Google will focus on extensive and in-depth analysis of SERP.  

We are seeing more vertical search engines such as Google Jobs, Google Flights, Google Hotels, Google Shopping. We also saw more in-depth content on the SERP in the form of featured snippets, and People Also Ask boxes.

10. Targeting topics are more efficient than positioning queries

2019 will be another year, and we see that the emphasis on personal search queries is starting to decline as people pay more attention to query clusters around topics.

People also asked that inquiries have made the topic of the SEO industry more critical.

With PAA, Google clearly shows that they consider the searcher experience in terms of the searcher’s satisfaction with the entire topic, not just specific search queries.

11. Linked unstructured references will receive increasing attention

A recent study shows that there is almost a 75% correlation between local pack ranking and organic ranking. The linked unstructured citations improve the organic ranking, which underpins the local ranking. It also serves as a mean of driving traffic and leads. Anything that you are not paying for will become precious. The structural citations will remain key to the local business listing platforms, but you will need to focus more on unstructured data to stay ahead of the competition. 

12. Comments will remain a competitive difference-maker

Local companies that gain and maintain an excellent interactive reputation on the web will have a crucial advantage over brands that ignore reviews as a customer service base. 

Competitive local businesses will acquire, monitor, respond to, and analyze the emotions of their commentary corpus.

So these are the distinct SEO predictions by Mozzers. What are your SEO predictions for the year 2019? What trends are you planning to follow? Let us know in the comment section below.