E-commerce, or selling items online, is one thing at which many businesses in Orange County excel. They often hire social media companies to help them do so because social media advertising is one of the best methods of making the online community aware of the services and products that you are offering.

If you are getting into e-commerce and you plan on engaging the services of one of the social media companies in the area, then you should try and ascertain whether they know the ins and outs of marketing through the various platforms. You can do so by asking them these questions.

Can They Produce Compelling Videos for YouTube?

YouTube videos are an ideal way to show off your products, and the best social media companies know how to produce professional-quality ones. They should feature well-crafted dialogue, compelling visuals, and they should be interesting enough to grab the attention of a viewer and hold it so that they will want to watch the whole thing.

Just about every Orange County business that is doing e-commerce is using YouTube, so the competition is fierce, but if you don’t have any product videos, then you’re not going to get the sales you want. Video production ability is definitely one of the things you’ll want to see from your social media company.

Can They Do Integrated Social Media on Your Website?

In addition to knowing how to use Facebook, Twitter, etc., your agency should also know how to integrate social media share buttons on your website. By doing so, it makes it easier for your fans to follow you on the different platforms.

Your social media agency can keep them abreast of any sales that you’re having, new products that you have coming out, and activities in your community where your company will have a presence.

Will They Follow Your Customers on Social Media?

The better social media companies also know that to increase the chances of your getting sales, they will need to follow your customers on the various platforms if they do the same for you. Social media is about vanity to some extent. People are more likely to buy from your business if they feel that they have formed a genuine connection with you, and that’s going to be even more the case if your social media agency comments on their posts regularly.

Social media and e-commerce go hand in hand, so you should have an agency that you trust in charge of your posts. The more followers you get, the higher your sales numbers are likely to be, so this is an area of your business that you should not neglect.