Do you work for a boss in Orange County who doesn’t understand the importance of SEO? It’s not an uncommon situation. Bosses who know virtually nothing about website optimization probably don’t want to hear about why a site isn’t getting traffic. They want to know why you’re not getting the sales numbers that they would like to see.

What you need to make them understand, though, is that sales numbers, website engagement, and SEO are intrinsically linked. If your site isn’t optimized, then people aren’t finding it, and if they’re not locating it, then they’re not buying anything from you.

Therefore, what you need your boss to understand is that if they want the sales numbers to budge, they need to hire an SEO expert. That might be an individual, or you might hire a company that has a whole team in place. You can also mention these factors, fundamental SEO elements that even the uninitiated will comprehend.

An SEO Expert Can Set Up a Marketing Funnel for You

In many cases, the reason that you’re not getting sales is that you do not have an effective marketing funnel in place. If you can get yourself an SEO expert, they’re probably going to take some time to examine your funnel and see if every aspect of it is doing what it should.

A funnel should work something like this: first, awareness needs to take place, which means attracting your audience. Social media is an excellent way to do that. Interest must then be generated, usually by demonstrating that you have the solution to a problem that a possible customer might have. Consideration is next, during which you convince them that you are the solution to their problem. The funnel has narrowed to the point of conversion, where you can give them a final shove that convinces them to buy from you.

What an Orange County SEO expert can do is look at each stage of your funnel and see what’s lacking, and then they can tackle that specific element. Maybe they’ll decide that you’re using the wrong social media platforms because your niche is spending their time elsewhere. Perhaps they feel like the copy on your website needs to be rewritten because it’s not compelling enough to induce a sale. It might be your blog that needs attention or your videos for YouTube.

A real expert can fix all of these issues, which is why you need to convince your boss to hire them. If you don’t, then your sales numbers are going to stay stagnant, Orange County. That’s why a legitimate SEO expert can be one of the most valuable parts of your team.