If the employees of an Irvine SEO company from ten or twelve years ago were to look at the way the optimization landscape has changed, it seems likely that they would be astonished. In the past, Google would zero in on your page’s HTML looking for a specific keyword. It would look for how many times that keyword showed up in your H1 tag, description tag, image ALT text, URL, and title tag.


But times change, and while that system might have worked for a while, the fact is that based solely on that criteria it was easy for search engines to be manipulated. That’s why the Google algorithm had to be changed multiple times: it had to get smarter to prevent black hat SEO.


The New Method


In modern times, if your SEO agency is going to be of any help to your Irvine-based company, it will need to know that the “best” content for your site must go far beyond mere keyword placement. What the Google bots are looking for are the pages that go in-depth and cover every facet of a particular topic. It is because they are looking for context and detail that lengthy blog posts are now the most popular ones.


If you’re a genuine expert on a topic, then you’ll be able to expound at length about some aspect of it. By doing so, you’ll explicitly answer some question that a person in your niche might ask. The complexity and length of your content is going to make it attractive to the current iteration of the Google search engine.


Demonstrating your authority about a topic will make your site more attractive and will make it more likely for it to rank. This will also generate some customers for you, and hopefully, brand loyalty will result as well. The final piece of this puzzle is to provide high-quality services and products in addition to stimulating, lengthy content.


This is the code that you and your Irvine SEO company must crack if you want to be successful approaching 2019.


Ranking starts with excellent content that goes in-depth regarding topics that are important to your niche. That leads to dwell time and engagement like social media subscribers and people signing up for your newsletter. Next up comes sales, and ideally, repeat business. But it all starts with your content, so be sure that the SEO company that you choose knows how to do the research and has some stellar copywriters on staff who can write with a compelling voice.